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Why work with dreams?

By Julia Ray

Dreams are very intimate and personal. They show you where you are in your life’s journey and where you could be. If you want to know yourself more intimately, I believe there is no better way than working with your dreams as a tool for personal growth and deep transformation.

Because dreams come from the unconscious – parts of yourself that you are not really conscious of. We still behave and act from both our conscious and unconscious parts but we are not aware of the unconscious parts. The dream is like a bridge into the unconscious parts of yourself, delivering important messages about you and your life.

No comprendes?
The challenge is that dreams speak another language – the language of symbols, metaphors, emotions, patterns, puns and so on. Just because you may not speak the language (yet), please do not dismiss your dream as non-sense! It’s like suggesting someone speaking to you in a foreign language is talking gibberish! The message your dream is delivering specifically for you is just encoded and requires some translation.

The dream is guiding you …
We are constantly seeking guidance from our teachers, mentors, counselors, friends, relatives, spouses, Oprah, Deepak Chopra … yet every night, we go to sleep and dream and receive guidance from our dreams — and then swiftly throw that advice onto the curb!

What a crying shame!
You are constantly dreaming about the things that preoccupy you. And dreams offer you some guidance. And I have to say, who, who knows you better than you? Think about it for a moment. Nobody really. You know yourself best and dreams come from inside of you. That is why each dream is a gem. Don’t throw it away!

What is the dream asking for?
We all need help discerning what the dream is asking for. As a dreamworker, my role is to help you understand what the dream is asking for so that you can heal and grow into your fuller potential.

What are you dreaming about?
For example, if you are stuck in a relationship and not sure what to do … you are likely having relationship dreams. If you are worried about your health, you are likely having health-related dreams. If you cannot decide on a career path, you are likely having work-related dreams etc. As I said, these themes often show up in encoded and unfamiliar ways, so you just may not be recognizing them as such. After 17 years of working with my dreams I am still absolutely amazed – and you will be too! Before a session, your dream will likely seem a strange mystery. After the session, you will walk away thinking, ‘Well that was completely obvious, wasn’t it?’

I would love to help you explore and understand your dreams. To learn more about how dream sessions work, read this and connect with me to ask questions and/or book a session here

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