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Restorative Yoga gives & gives

By Julia Ray

We’re all in the same boat when it comes to stress and tension. Life pulls and pries at you. You respond to the demands and want to please everyone, but at some point just realize you have moved so far away from your centre, that something has to give.

Instead of taking time to review the situation, you jump back in for more. Yeah we’ve all been there. Even though we’re all superheroes working at the edge of our capacity every day, this kind of lifestyle is just not sustainable. Something has to give. And usually it does.

Let it be you giving into your body as opposed to your body giving up on you.

The facts
Here they are, simple and true.

Stress and tension are embodied and live in your muscles and joints. They don’t live somewhere outside of you as a concept. You carry them around in your body. The medical community and researchers tell us over and over again that stress is the #1 killer. That’s pretty sobering, considering we all carry loads of it!

I prefer to soften this statement to say, ‘Stress and tension are huge impediments to your health and well-being.’ And the truth is that it doesn’t go away on its own! You need to work on it directly.

What can be done?
I can’t imagine a more pleasurable way to tackle this problem than Restorative Yoga.

I’ve been working with stressed-out and tension-filled bodies for over 12 years now and have discovered that there are a few effective ways to handle this problem. Here’s one.

Group Restorative Yoga Classes are the simplest, most inexpensive way for you to directly deal with your stress and tension. In a group class, you are guided through a full body release. At the start of each class, you are taken to a relaxing meditative state. From this place, you take the time to locate and release areas of tension by exploring a full range of postures and movements. Most of this deep work is done on the floor. Slowly but surely your body begins to restore itself in ways you never thought possible.

This class is NOT a snoozer!
You will be guided through a variety of meditation and breathing practices that will take your stress down at least one notch.

You will spend some time in the classic supported restorative postures that will help to gently open and release your body.

You can expect slow, deep movement designed to improve your joint mobility and increase your overall range of motion so that you can decease pain caused by tension, find a more limber and fluid body, learn how to move with greater ease and even maintain your movement capacity as you age.

You are worth the time.
Remember how long it took for this stress and tension to accumulate in your body? Much like rock sediment, it takes years, even decades for layers of sediment to build up. Once it’s there, it takes more than one yoga class to loosen up the sediment and begin to move it out. Be patient with yourself. It takes time.

The good news?
You will feel more spacious and relaxed after every single Restorative Yoga session. Once you experience the benefits and understand the deep necessity for Restorative Yoga, you will wonder what took you so long to make this a regular part of your routine.

Join us Mondays and Wednesdays from 8:30pm – 10:00pm for Group Restorative Yoga Classes. You’ll never look back!
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