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Freestyle/Ecstatic Dance Practise


With Julia Ray,

Take your yoga off the mat into a moving meditation. This class will enhance your stamina, strength, mobility, dynamic flexibility, kinesthetic awareness, expression, creativity and freedom. In this supportive environment, we give our bodies the opportunity to express freely while at the same time noticing what prevents us from being free.

We will continuously source freedom in both body and breath while acknowledging and dancing through the stuck points. We will shake tension out in order to connect to our more fluid natural bodies. No previous yoga or dance experience needed. Done to great music, each class begins with stretching on the ground and transitions to standing as we continue to release, explore and build to meet an energetic peak which slowly takes us back down to savasana.

Enjoy a fun energizing workout with an opportunity to feel your own heart and soul.

DATES: 8th September 2014 – 31st December 2014
TIME: 07:00 PM

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DreamYogaDance Studio
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