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Dreamwork with Julia Ray

Far from random images and stories our mind fashions together from the jumbled events of our day, nocturnal dreams contain messages from our soul which, once we listen to them more deeply, can inform and expand our waking life’s path. Both practical and direct, dreamwork is, I believe, one of the richest and most transformational tools available to you in your personal growth journey.

Dreamwork has been at the core of my life and my own personal growth process for more than 17 years, and the benefits have been countless. Dreams are endlessly fascinating, unfailingly useful and informative, and I often marvel at the brilliant insights that come from them.

While I have been influenced by the work of Dr. Carl Jung and other Jungian Analysts, most of my study and practice of dreamwork has been with Dr. Christopher Sowton, a true guiding light to me personally and creator of the Dreamreading Method, which I use as the foundation for guiding clients through their dreams in private sessions, as well as in group workshops.

The Process

Our one-on-one dreamwork session begins with bringing our focus to a remembered dream, whether from recent memory or going back further, perhaps even to childhood. After speaking about the dream, using dialogue to uncover hidden symbols, images or figures, we go deeper, and you may be gently guided to embody the dream by re-enacting or dancing a part of it.

This transformational work assists you, the dreamer, to identify with the dream figure through the wisdom of your body. By embodying this aspect of your dream even for a short time, you will gain a deeper understanding of its emotions, motivations and purpose in supporting and informing your waking life.

dream - bubblesI believe in the powerful potential of merging dreams and dance as a way of self-reflection, personal growth and creating a more direct relationship with elements of the unconscious.

Working with the new insights from this meditative dialogue and movement practice, we end the session with suggestions on how to work further with the dream image and integrate its messages into your daily life.

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Private dreamwork sessions are conveniently offered at the studio, as well as through Skype, Phone and Email.

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