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Dance with Julia Ray

danceDance is our birthright and we are all (yes all!) born with a natural capacity for movement.

In ancient times, men and women danced on every occasion – for joy, for love, in grief, and in fear. They gathered as a tribe or community to dance ecstatically in celebration of the cycles of nature and life, to honour a higher power, and even to heal. While this tradition continues in many cultures, we in the modern West see dance predominantly as entertainment for those who “know how” to dance.

Ecstatic Dance Toronto started as a strong soul’s calling for me, a force that moved me. What motivated me to dance through the hardships, is this vision that I hold close to my heart – to awaken the dancer within and for ecstatic dance to be a part of mass culture. I feel a joy beyond words that so may people are experiencing the benefits of ecstatic dance and we have really grown into a rooted, soulful community. The more we dance and the more I hear your stories, the more I realize this vision belongs to the world community. Join us every Monday and Thursday at the Dovercourt House all year around from 7:30-9:30pm.

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