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Community Teachers

Julia Ray

Julia is a community leader, dream guide, yoga teacher and change-maker who regularly holds private sessions, classes and workshops. She has been teaching yoga for 17 years and offers a deeply nourishing Yoga Freedom class designed to liberate your body from held tension and gently guide you back into deep connection. For more info see class description.

Within her own deep immersion into the world of dreams over the course of 22 years, Julia healed chronic asthma, allergies, trauma, addiction and later unearthed her sacred purpose and the many layers of knowing around who she is and why she’s here.

Julia combines the wisdom of the moving body to decode the vital messages of our dreams in a process she created called Dream Dancer. Dream Dancer is for those who are longing for continuous inner guidance they can trust and a way to rise and expand in a crisis with a clear sense of direction. Visit www.juliaray.ca.

Join Toronto’s Amazing Ecstatic Dance Gatherings Birthed in January 2006 by Julia Ray. www.ecstaticdancetoronto.com

Ian R


More about Ian R

Ian is a fighting art veteran with 30 years of training in Kung Fu, Judo, Ju Jitsu & contemporary adaptations of these and other systems. He is also a free movement & dance enthusiast who has developed a listening practice that has healed the accumulated trauma sustained from training in hard fighting systems.
Ian is dedicated to helping others discover their whole / greater power and to learn how to live more fully.
“I Am In LOVE With Body & Movement
From within our Body and from our Movement is revealed the Truth of Who and Where we are in This Moment.
The Undeniable Reflection of what Is …& All that can Become.
How we can Grow.
We need only Observe & Listen Within…. to our Own Body.
That is the Guru”

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