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Mon 27th

Energy Mastery

January 27 @ 6:15 pm - 9:30 pm EST
Tue 28th

Mind Body Therapeutic Fitness

January 28 @ 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm EST
Wed 29th

Restorative Yoga Freedom with Julia Ray

January 29 @ 8:30 pm - 10:00 pm UTC+0
Thu 30th
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Fri 31st
No Events Today
Sat 1st

Mind Body Bootcamp

February 1 @ 10:45 am - 11:45 am EST
Sun 2nd
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Community Teachers

Julia Ray

It is my joy, my purpose and my passion in life to help people expand into their full potential through the wisdom of the body.

My own introduction to yoga began more than 14 years ago when I was working as a project manager in an extremely busy project management firm. My homeopathic doctor urged me to begin a yoga practice for the sake of my physical and emotional health and I complied. At the end of that first class, I felt better than I had in ages and I was hooked. I began practicing weekly, and shortly afterwards signed up for my first teacher training. That was the beginning of what has become a life-long fascination with the body as a vehicle of self-reflection, healing and transformation.

My extensive and diverse training has led me to study with many great masters and founders of the most popular styles of yoga today, including: Sri Patthabi Jois (Ashtanga/Power Yoga), Ana Forrest (Core Yoga), John Friend (Anusara Yoga), Sean Corne (Vinyasa/Flow Yoga), Hart Lazar (Iyengar/Therapeutic Yoga), as well as Cynthia Funk, Tama Soble (Restorative Yoga) and Danny Paradise (who teaches Ashtanga Yoga to celebrities including Sting and Madonna). Prior to opening the studio space, I ran my own company, Yoga Vibe, for 12 years, bringing yoga to various environments including corporations, organizations, clubs, schools, colleges, teams and private homes, as well as teaching yoga abroad.

Julie Hayden

More about Julie

Do you struggle with your emotions? Do you experience either intense emotions (e.g. guilt, sadness, anger) or suppressed emotions? Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) has been demonstrated to help regulate emotions*.

DBT can help calm the emotional storm, increase enjoyable emotions and experiences, decrease unhelpful behaviours and coping strategies, and foster and improve positive relationships. Dialectical Living offers both individual DBT therapy and DBT skills training (in either group or individual formats). There are groups for people with emotion regulation challenges and separate groups for family members / partners / friends. For more information on groups, check out http://www.dialecticalliving.ca/dbt-courses-2/

Everyone who works for Dialectical Living has either lived experience with mental health or substance use challenges, or has family or other close relationships with people with such lived experience. In other words, we are your peers. All of our therapists (and many of our other staff) have extensive education in the helping professions, such as degrees in social work. We strongly believe that everyone can benefit from the skills taught through DBT. We use them ourselves and have found them to be highly effective. You can learn more about our amazing team athttp://www.dialecticalliving.ca/about-us/

Picture what life would be like with robust and flourishing relationships, balanced thoughts and emotions, and sound strategies to handle whatever challenges come your way. Life can be fulfilling and enjoyable. If you like that image, we have every confidence that you can get there. It will take hard work, make no mistake! And, you can absolutely accomplish this! It will be an inspired journey; and a first step can be contacting us at info@dialecticalliving.ca or by calling 416-616-5284.


The Dialectical Team

Book a session now:  Contact us at info@dialecticalliving.ca or call 416-616-5284.


More about S’ya

A long-time bellydancer, enthusiastic yogi and avid meditator, S’ya offers unique workshops in the interest of uplifting and empowering other women through the healing & transformative power of bellydance movements – by incorporating a healthy dose of playfulness, mindfulness, relaxation and self-love into the experience.

Imagine a movement workshop where anything – from yoga to meditation, from me time to playtime – can happen… all infused with beautiful, flowing bellydance movements. Nourishing, grounding practices and flowing, juicy & joyful bellydance movements set to inspiring music to help you rediscover and own your body, unique power and beauty. You will emerge energized, uplifted and confident, fully at peace with your body. This semi-monthly workshop takes a holistic, mindful approach to bellydance movements – it is a combination of guided and free-flowing movement, and not so much focused on technique as on mindfulness, self-love and body positivity to help women feel at peace with their bodies.

Book a session now:  Contact us at bellymagician@gmail.com 

Ian R

More about Ian R

Ian is a fighting art veteran with 30 years of training in Kung Fu, Judo, Ju Jitsu & contemporary adaptations of these and other systems. He is also a free movement & dance enthusiast who has developed a listening practice that has healed the accumulated trauma sustained from training in hard fighting systems.
Ian is dedicated to helping others discover their whole / greater power and to learn how to live more fully.
“I Am In LOVE With Body & Movement
From within our Body and from our Movement is revealed the Truth of Who and Where we are in This Moment.
The Undeniable Reflection of what Is …& All that can Become.
How we can Grow.
We need only Observe & Listen Within…. to our Own Body.
That is the Guru”

Book a session now:  Contact us at movementtraining@gmail.com 

Erik Valdman

More about Erik Valdman

“ ‘Energy Mastery’ is an advanced inner practice which roots go back to when I was just 18 years old. Alone in my bedroom, tears flowing down my cheeks, as I asked the question: ‘Why Good People Get Ill?’. Today, 32 years later, my main goal is to help ‘Stop Your Anxiety’. “
Erik Valdman has been researching and helping people to awaken their hidden potential for over 20 years now. His ‘method’ is based on thousand year old wisdom, integrated into a step by step Energy Mastery program.
“ When we get together, privately or in a group setting, we begin with raising your Energy, experiencing your body, the truth of this moment, as it is as you are, right now…then a new Transformation Mindset is introduced.
No quieting or clearing of the mind. No sitting in a posture…”
We bridge the gap between Being and Knowing…It requires a different set of actions, and governed by quite opposite laws than what we are commonly use to…and you start feeling the benefits in just a few minutes.

Book a session now:  Contact us at erikvaldman@gmail.com 

Jeffery Drisoll

More about Jeffery Drisoll

With a passion for health and wellness ; Jeff has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years. Starting with training as a fitness instructor and personal trainer ; he ultimately explored passions in yoga ; Pilates ; Muay Thai ; goshin jitsu and taijitsu. Through this exploration he became dedicated to helping bring harmony and restoration through the body ; while empowering populations to harness their inner warrior spirit. His programs are devoted to helping people from all walks of life find their inner resources to master their unique energetic anatomy. His passion for energy work and health lead him to also Persue training in meditation and therapeutic Thai yoga massage modalities.

Book a session now:  Contact us at  

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